Raudat Tahera in Syedna’s words

The Life and Works Of Maulana al Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin AQ will continue to be a beacon for hidayat and righteousness ever and ever.
Here are his golden words which Maula AQ delivered in his International Inaugural Speech In “The International Colloquium” Saturday 19th April 1975, which gives us an insight on the Raudat Tahera, Maula’s eternal resting place and a center of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of hearts:
“Dear friends, since the first decade of Muslim temporal power to this day, thousands of grand mosques and mausolea were built all over Asia, Africa and Europe and many of these still adorn the face of the earth. They rival each other in length and breadth, grandeur and decoration, grace and pomp, and religious or historical importance. Yet there is no record of any building complex during the last fourteen centuries which matches Raudat Tahera in its apparent simplicity and austerity and its invisible exuberance of meaning and content; whose marble walls are engraved in gold with the complete text of the Quran. Built in the heart of this historical and commercial city, it is going to become a centre of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of hearts”.

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