The trustworthy souls of Fatemi Dawat

The Khuzaima in his ridiculous claims and allegations has tried to tarnish the lofty positions of the Shahzada sahebs dm of Syedna al-Muqaddas. Khuzaima has attempted to throw mud on the moon that ended up landing on his face. Having the honor of being in khidmat of Aqa Moula TUS I have had the opportunity to observe the Shahzada sahebs closely and thus in shukr I am sharing my feeling of awe and reverence for those illustrious sadaat kiraam.

Each and every Shahzada Saheb is not only intelligent and able but rather each one is an institution in himself, leading us Mumineen under the guidance of Aqa Moula tus and helping us achieve milestones unparalleled in the history of dawat. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA has bestowed upon each the title: seqatuddawat at taiyebiyah (the trustworthy in the dawat of imam tayyeb as). That itself speaks volumes for their righteousness and truthfulness.

Dr. Shahzada Qaidjoher bhaisaheb Ezzuddin dm

The name of the eldest Shahzada Saheb perfectly befits his princely personality. Representing Moulana al-Muqaddas RA in various humanitarian fields he has helped significantly in giving our community global recognition and respect. Like his name suggests he has been a true leader of khidmat guzars teaching them how to serve Aqa Moula selflessly. “Che ehne awamir ni bus intezari” – undoubtedly we find him day and night striving for the betterment of Mumineen. Be it the construction of Saifee hospital, or al Masjid al Azam bil Kufa or the huge SBUT project, we have seen him realizing the dreams and visions of Aqa Moula RA. Whereas Khuzaima prefers to stand far away and only watch with envy the landmarks of burhani era take shape.

Its impossible to summarize the contributions of the eminent Shahzada saheb to Dawat. In short, he is the role model for each and every khidmat guzar, and a lesson personified of tafadi and jaan nisari.

Shahzada Malikulashter bhaisaheb Shujauddin dm

The radiant personality of this Shahzada saheb has transformed many a life.  He is an example of purity and piety. Mumineen seeking the blessings and dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula tus through him would be sure to receives ruhani nuskhao and words of wisdom and teachings that would help change their lives. He has lead infinite congregations of Mumineen tirelessly in performing Matam of Imam Husain AS. He has taught us how to pray for the long health of Daiz Zaman in every aspect of our lives. He has imbibed in us the noble habit of reciting the name of our Maula passionately after every namaz in the dua of tulul umr for Dail asr. Shahzada saheb has never failed to acknowledge a mumin who would run towards him with folded hands, has always rewarded khidmatguzars with pats on their back and shoulders. He is benevolence personified. I recently got the sharaf of being in Shahzada Sahebs khidmat during Hajj. The radiance on his face would attract even non-bohras. Strangers from different Islamic communities would try to get hold of his hand or a corner of his ehraam.

The muddai questions the truthfulness of this Shahzada saheb? Anyone who has only seen him will laugh on Khuzaima’s face. Shahzada Malikulashter Shujauddin is indeed the braveheart of the royal family of Huzuraala TUS who has fearlessly made us perform Matam of Aqa Husain AS in places where Khuzaima would be busy kissing foreheads of his spoilt brats.

Shahzada Idris Bhaisaheb Badruddin Saheb dm

The Attalim department of Dawat-e-Hadiyah, the innumerable madrasahs and schools around the globe running under his leadership and the thousands of children getting ready in those schools as good human beings and true followers of Daizzaman, are evident examples of Shahzada saheb’s commitment and efforts in the khidmat of Aqa Moula TUS. The muddai seems to be promoting other worldly institutions instead. Shahzada saheb is an example of humility and simplicity. Always available to mumineen and conveying their araiz in Hazrat Aliyah at all times. In this modern era Shahzada saheb has with his keen interest and expertise, helped keep the administration of Dawat-e-Hadiyah a step ahead in the usage of modern technology.

Shahzada Saheb has helped convey the akhbar nuraniya of Aqa Moula to each and every Mumin through the internet. Indeed in this age when the likes of Khuzaima spread poison through the internet, the efforts of Shahzada Saheb provide ready antidote.

Ever smiling and ever helpful, Shahzada Saheb is simplicity personified.

Shahzada Qusai Bhaisaheb Vajihuddin dm

Like his laqab suggests, Shahzada saheb’s graceful personality has an aura that generates warmth and affection. For years we have always seen him steadfast besides Syedna al-Muqaddas RA and Aqa Moula TUS doing khidmat like a humble Mumin. The various publications of Shahzada Saheb include the book of Maajiz of Syedna al-Muqaddas RA that help elevate a mumin in standards of yaqeen and ikhlaas. Khuzaima on the other hand keeps singing songs of his own praise and even before the wafaat of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA he started compiling his own so called Maajiz.

Shahzada Saheb with his sense of humor and kindness makes happy anyone who comes to meet him. Since the wafaat of Shahzada Huzaifa bhaisaheb almuqaddas, he has taken over the responsibility of Alvazarat along with Shahzada Ammar bhaisaheb dm with efficient sincerity. His sons Abduttayyeb bs and Al-aqmar bs have already taken responsible roles in the khidmat of Dawat and display amazing leadership qualities.

Shahzada Ammar bhaisaheb Jamaluddin dm

The youngest of Shahzada Sahebs has been the symbol of youngness for Mumineen for years. A man of few words, he leads with sincerity and dedication. Shahzada Saheb has helped thousands of couples get sharaf of Nikah in the grandeur of rasme saifees around the world. The systematic and organized system of matrimony that Shahzada saheb has helped take shape is one of its kind amongst the communities of the world. He has selflessly spent those years to achieve the happiness of Syedna al-Muqaddas RA and helped make thousands of homes. The muddai on the other hand has brought up his daughters to break the home and heart of the Haq na Dai TUS. His daughters have stooped so low that they use their own innocent children for their blasphemous propaganda.

After the wafaat of al-Muqaddas Shahzada Huzaifa bhaisaheb dm, shahzada sahib has taken the responsibility of Alvazarat along with Shahzada Qusai bhaisaheb with great sincerity and dedication, attending office regularly and looking into various matters of Jamaats worldwide. Khuzaima has and his children have been busy making a jamaat of their own.

Each and every Shahzada Saheb and their noble progeny reflect the virtues of unparalleled, roohani upbringing. The 53rd Dai al-Mutlaq Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, the sun amongst the stars shines so bright that even a blind person can feel the luminosity.

We don’t know what qualities or rather vices the children of Khuzaima possess. But on their faces and in their deeds and actions we see the result of an upbringing by a child gone astray, of a son who has betrayed his own father and turned against his brothers for worldly wealth and power.

A Khidmat Guzaar and Talabat of Jamea Saifiyah

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