East Africa and Mumineen – An Interview

An Interview of a notable businessman and khidmat guzaari, Kenya of Nairobi


Tell us about the situation in East Africa before the visit of Maulana Taher Saifuddin RA and the changes that followed due to the barakaat of his visit.


• Before Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) arrived in the year 1963 the control of Jamaat was in the hands of munafeqeen as they had got in through election or Log shahi as it was formally known.
• The presence of Dai-al-Mutlaq was known vaguely to Mumineen, they only knew that there was someone we call Maula in India. The general Mumineen yearned for more knowledge about Aqa Maula and wanted Him to come to Africa,
• The concept of gaining of Maula’s Khushi in all matters Deeni or worldly did not exist,
• Mumineen were constrained by munafeqeen, o For Eg. When Mumineen used to do maatam they (the munafeqeen) would make them go into sajdah, and then tell that after you have given sajdah you cannot do maatam. In Kampala and other places instead of maatam they used to bang on the walls and bleat car horns. The Changes that occurred were just unimaginable
• When Mumineen saw Aqa Maula for the first time they flocked to him with tears of joy and were overwhelmed by the pious radiance on his face.
• Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa (RA) stated in one of his bayaans that : “tame kichar ma phasi gaya hata ehma si nikaalwane aayo chhu”,
• Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa (RA) saw that Mumineen were surrounded by munafeqeen who impressed their ideology upon Mumineen.
• Though they were less in number they were financially clout. Maula TUS observed, “these people who are rich now will fade away and new ones will emerge.” And that is what
actually happened.
• Today Saifee Park on nearly 67 acres of land in Nairobi stands as an outstanding example of what we have become today. It is a unique blend of all four maraakiz of upbringing;
Manzil (more than 200 houses and 21 bungalows ); Masjid; Madrasa (Al- Madrasa-tus- Saifiya-tul-Burhaniyah ) and Mujtama (Annadil Jamali with all sports and recreation facilities. A truly Global Islami Village where one feels protected and safe from all vices of modern society. It is a true testimony of what the Nazaraat of Aqa Maula TUS does for us Mumineen.
• Today in East Africa Mumineen are flourishing and enjoying the best of both worlds.

Tell us about Maulana Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa (TUS)’s numerous visits, Ashara Mubaraka in Nairobi and Mombasa.

• After the visit of Syedna Taher Saifuddin Aqa (RA) and the first visit of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa TUS radical changes occurred in East Africa; especially in Nairobi. The one ne’mat that we received continuously was visits of Sadaat Ajilla, and of them it was Syedi Yusuf Bhaisaheb Najmuddin who visited us frequently. He made sure that he would bring either Shz Dr. al Qaid Johar Bhaisaheb (DM) or Shz Huzaifa Bhaisaheb (QS) or Shz Idris Bhaisaheb (DM) along with him and together they gave hidaayat to us Mumineen such that, when Aqa Maula TUS arrived mumineen were ready in all aspects.

• Visible change came after Ashara Mubaraka was held in the year 1984. Maula TUS and Shezadah sahebs showed us how to do maatam of Imam Husain A.S. and with it’s Barakat we have truly come a long way.

Aqa Maula TUS’s Qiyaam Shareef at your house many times must be filled with memorable events. Share some of those with us.

Yes truly we are very fortunate to have Aqa Maula visit our city Nairobi more than 30 times. There have been numerous occasion where we got special nazaraat of Aqa Maula TUS. Three to four times Aqa Maula TUS gathered the whole family and made us sit in His presence and talked to us, asked us individually who was who, and what each individual was doing. I recall several conversations like 1. “Sometime before there were munafeqeen like the four manaahis in Al Jamea Tus Saifiah, the offspring’s of Adamji Peer bhai in Mumbai just as there were munafeqeen in Nairobi.

“You constructed Maulana Qazi Khan’s makaan in Halwad so Allah has given you a mahal (palace) over here in Nairobi in its stead.” Al Jamea tus Saifiyah in Nairobi- an azeem nemat. Tell us more.

On the Historic occasion of Milaad Meawi Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa TUS has betowed on us an azeem sharaf that cannot be described in words. I appeal to all Mumineen to pray for us that may we always be able to appreciate this azeem Ne’mat and perform Sajadaat us Shukr with amal and strive to attain Aqa Maula TUS’s happiness:-
1.Many years ago we used to request Syedi Yusuf Bhaisaheb Najmuddin again and again that Al Jamea tus Saifiyah be established here in Africa to which he finally answered, “One day or the other! You will not rest till you make me do it.”
2. Barakaat barakaat can be seen in us Mumineen over here, especially when Asaateza and Talabat are seen moving around in Saifee park busy following their daily routine. The atmosphere is not just soothing and a pleasure to watch but it has its ruhaniyat attached with it that makes this place feel out of this world. Weare expecting to have more than 150 students in the upcoming year, Inshallah.
3. For the first time in our history 150 Nairobi mumeneen could partake in the Barakaat of Jamea’s annual examinations as Mustafideen.
4. The Noor of Ilm e Ale Mohammed (s.a.) is visible and mohabbat for Al Jamea tus Saifiyah is growing day by day in the hearts of Mumineen.

What is it like living in East Africa and Nairobi today?

We are thankful to Allah and His Wali for granting us raza to reside in this city. The word Nairobi means place of cold water. It is also known as the green city under the sun. The environment is just that of any hill station even though there is tremendous growth and expansion over here. It is the centre of United Nations in East Africa. It has all the embassies; being the capital city of Kenya. It is also the global hub for east, central and West Africa as far communication and travel is concerned. Education is also available with multiple choices till university levels and further. One can find many opportunities in Nairobi. Along with this the Deeni and Imaani atmosphere is so supportive that, it automatically leads one into a life fulfilling mostly all Aqa Maula’s irshadaat; namely, everyone wearing rida, and topi .99.9 % sporting a beard. Rarely would one come across a person indulging in interest.

Your family runs a glass business. How long have you been in this business? How did you decide on this field? What are the technological advances you have adopted over the years?

My father started this business in 1930. He had learnt about the glass business in Burma and so on returning he started it, as an outlet in the side front of small shop here in Nairobi. We have done a lot of other ventures but we profited mostly from the original glass business. Yes, we have advanced a lot with moving into other glass associated lines like glass processing in toughening and lamination. We have furniture moulded out of glass and a lot more. We are also into Aluminium, steel fabrication, paper converter & hardware.

What are the business opportunities for Mumineen in Kenya today?

Conditions are very suitable for business and there are a lot of market opportunities. Government support is there for import and export. Kenya is also a partner in COMESA, so
it helps a lot.

Advice you would like to give to the young generation.

Be consistent in Maula’s mohabbat, do whatever he says, and start anything with the barakaat of his raza Mubarak, follow this and the sky is the limit for you. Nairobi’s entire success is due to these golden rules only. May Allah grant our beloved AQA MAULA AaliQadr Saheb Saifuddin LONG LIVE TILL QIYAMAH. Aameen!!!

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