Confidence Shattered

The human mind is born to have the utmost confidence of creating wonders in the world. The soul so curious and exited to capture the wonders of this world within its folds. The fist of the child is a depiction to such strength and also a bit of greed to have it all. This confidence of growing at a pace faster than the universe around it is shattered when barriers of systematic growth is placed before the human child. Education today is probably a hindrance to the growth of the soul in all directions limiting it and narrowing its horizon over the years in the name of specialization and systems that suppress the curiosity of the human mind. The debate around the so called academic system is long, tiring and never ending. At times it all seems to be a pyramid system perhaps to stop the masses from climbing to the peak of the pyramid but then there is no alternative given by educationists nor academics.

Syedna al-Qadi Noman RA in one of his works has emphasized that due to the negligence of those who are either slow learners or lazy to work hard the system does not stop the gradual upliftment of everyone in a peer group. Rather it lifts everyone together so that those who are keen to achieve loftier heights and strive for it can do so while those who are not at par with them among their peers are not neglected either.

Education today has rather neglected almost all categories of learners and the sparkle in the eyes of the child born slowly diminished as time passes by and he is welcomed into the world of the grown-ups.

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