Birth, the fear of the unknown

The birth and death of a human being is a single phenomenon having two different names. On the contrary, there are  several occasion a human is born several times during his life time. Each time a new change occurs it simply drags a person into the same state of mind as at the time of birth. The child when it takes its first breath in this world simply sheds tears to reveal his or her fear of the unknown. The fear of not knowing everyone that is around and the times to come. Most of us, in fact fear death due to the unknown that awaits us in the hereafter, not that we self destruction, as every soul loves of be immortal and knows the fact of its presence in its self aware state. However, after a long period of stay in this materialistic world and getting relaxed in its own self created comfort zone it fears the unknown that the change of death will bring upon it.

Die before your death, is not an instruction to kill ones self by simply getting rid of the flesh and blood attached to this soul. It is a path, a guidance to elevating the soul by suppressing its fear of the unknown. That which it is destined to do, being a part of a huge jigsaw puzzle, and fit into its place; has to be done with courage. Courageous people are not the fearless, they are simply those who conquer it or rather command it. For fear is just a result of self awareness and the love for immortality.

Each time a soul enters a new dimension of change weather self inflicted or by the time and space that revolves around it, the cycle of birth and death is replayed into our lives. To transcend into this cycle smoothly, requires the courage that differentiates the successful few from the masses. Therefore, every human should remember to embrace change it time it occurs and to face the unknown because it is simply another phenomenon of birth and death. Believe in destiny and understand that if there was no fear what would have been done and how would have the birth embraced. Not with tears of a crying new born, rather by the welcoming smiles of the beholders.

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