Flipkart Or Indiatimes Shopping – Who Is India’s Favorite?

Online shopping is catching up fast in India. Though a majority of online viewers is yet to be drawn in, the progress is quite impressive. The apprehensions about product quality, service, delivery and the reluctance in giving out credit card details while making payment are some of the most important factors that pull back browsers from buying online. Indian online stores are making headway by trying to address the concerns of the prospective buyers and some have earned a reputation for their performance. Among the leaders in Indian online scenario, let us have a look at how Flipkart and Indiatimes perform.

Flipkart And Indiatimes Shopping – Do They Need Intro?

Both Flipkart and Indiatimes Shopping have been in the field for quite sometime and hence they are well known names for online shoppers. Just for those who need an insight about the companies, Flipkart was launched in the year 2007 and it was initially dealing with books. Now, they have diversified into providing various categories that include apparels, electronic items, toys, cosmetics, stationery and a lot more.

Indiatimes was founded in the year 2005. The biggest advantage Indiatimes enjoys is that it already has its brand established, as it is a part of Times group. The products offered here are apparels, electronic and home appliances, music and many more.

Product Range – Flipkart And Indiatimes Score Even

While it could be said that Indiatimes has an overwhelming collection on some categories, Flipkart does even better with more collections on other categories. If Indiatimes offers more options in toys section, Flipkart performs better in apparels. The products are better classified in Flipkart though one cannot undermine Indiatimes Shopping. It is indeed a tough round and it should be said that both have done well.

Price – Both Are Easy On Your Wallet

Both Flipkart and Indiatimes Shopping have been in the field for quite some time and they know what impresses the customers most. They have products ranged in various prices so that they could offer everyone the best shopping experience in terms of options and price. Apart from the regular discounts, the sites give you the opportunity to use flipkart coupon codes and Indiatimes shopping coupons to enjoy greater discounts.

Quality – Both Err At Times

Flipkart and Indiatimes had started off with a good name and now with years of experience, they should have ensured that they always provide the best. However, reviews present a different picture and even if you consider that some may be biased, it would be better to go by the majority and get things moving. As far as quality is concerned, both are good at certain areas and need improvement in other.

Customer Service – Indiatimes Scores

Indiatimes is ahead of Flipkart as it attempts to respond to reviews from customers. It is a positive sign and encouraging as well. Both have been complained about for delay in delivery and other services. However, Indiatimes seems to make obvious attempts to address customers’ grievances, at least the ones that come online.

Need To Act Their Age

Flipkart and Indiatimes have been in the field for quite some years. They have been performing well on certain aspects. However, they need to rise to the expectations of buyers in certain areas. Indiatimes scores better in terms of customer service and other than that there does not seem to be much difference between the two sites in spite of the fact that Indiatimes is two years Flipkart’s senior. We should also bear in mind that not all satisfied or dissatisfied customers come out online to give their reviews. We base our analysis on the websites’ content, offers, presentation, promotion and customers’ reviews available online. We can only conclude that in spite of the negative reviews, both Flipkart and Indiatimes are India’s favorites.

Author: Himanshu Agarwal (Guest Post)

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