Overload of Information

With tons of information all around it is really hard to keep pace with what to consume and what not. There is barely enough time for an individual to grasp everything if anything at all. The average person connected with technology today would be reading and writing or let us say typing thousands of words in a typical day. With mobile devices around and the speed at which chat messengers deliver information that is available literally at the finger tips of a person it is very important to be able to bifurcate the really useful information and prioritize what to consume, comprehend and act upon while what to skim through and turn the page with the speed at which the information was received.

It is really worth noting that the information age as we call it is far more resource hungry than the past atomic age or the space age or whatever. The most precious of all resources that are exhausted by this overwhelming power hungry age is “Time”. No matter the speed at which data and information is processed today it should be noted that most of it is just a waste of the most precious resource and that is time. The generation of today is simply relying on google for its information, that is how much impact the overload of information has on us.

Most people are so much engrossed and sunk in the flow of information that they cannot detach themselves from it. At times simple gossip and bits of humor and entertainment become serious time consumers and keep us from progress and success.  Face Book for example can be a medium of communication that would bring far off friends and relatives closer but adversely the nearer and dearer ones pay the price for becoming detached as a result. With millions of tweets from all sorts of people around the world it is simply not possible for an average human to follow each and everyone of them and/or even respond to a few.

Those who manage to manipulate the bits and bytes of information flowing in cyberspace and the virtual world giving it a proper share of their valuable time triumph. Ignoring the greatest and mightiest of all weapons, tools and energy that is delivered at light speed through the medium of media is simply not going to work and is utterly foolish. Flowing with the wave is what is the most important of all strategies rather than swimming against the current.

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