Fear of the unknown

Life mostly takes us to the cross roads of options and opportunities when we are most comfortable, and to leave the comfort zone for the unknown is frightening. Fear leads to the dark side, says Yoda and true it is. Most of the time it is the fear of loss or the fear of the unknown that’s keeps everyone from being successful in life. Most of the NLP practitioners or those who treat people through hypnosis and similar self enhancement and improvement techniques will tell you that the only problem with most people is FEAR.

The author of “Who Moved My Cheese” puts are very precise question to tackle any problem in life, its simple, yet much more difficult to understand and adapt. The question is “What would you do if you were not afraid?” Its hard for those in power to even imagine being powerless. The fear of loosing power leads to dirty politics and conspiracies. Businesses and the big guys of wall street fear loosing wealth and stock leading to all kinds of misconduct and deceit. Patents are created not to protect intellectual property rather out of fear of loosing material gains.

Fear can be said to be the main cause of all problems. The fear of losing a job, fear of a place or person or being, fear of heights, fear of speaking the truth, fear of losing love or loved ones, fear of losing a home, fear of  the boss, fear of doing business etc. This fear result in anxiety, stress, depression and many other illness as well. Once this fear is understood and overcome problems are resolved.

The Quran has often mentioned believers and praised them. However, it begins with the mention of the believers on the unknown. To have faith in destiny and the creator is one the basic belief of Islam followed by all other good deeds. This belief and faith is the very foundation stone that suppresses the fear of the unknown in human being. We humans are prone to worry and quick in creating the worst of what could happen by just imagination which later brings about the mood swings in daily life.

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is quite simple. It is all about understand the knowledge and its application to conquer the fear if the unknown with faith. Faith in the human being and in being human is disperses fear and leads to tolerance and communal harmony. Change is always constant and this very fact is explained by nature to mankind time and again. Once the mind is free from the fear of the unknown, it will adapt to change with most ease and embrace the way of nature itself in keeping pace with constant change throughout the life.

The wonderful book “Who Moved my Cheese”, is all about anticipating change in a way that the mind and body is prepared for it before hand and when the times draws near one can easily plunge into the most fearful of thoughts to overcome the fear. The book is just wonderful and is recommended for everyone because the cheese never stays the same and as time goes by one must be prepared to look for new cheese, let go the fear of loosing the old one quickly adapt to change.

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