A small comment on a blog post…

Today’s society just makes things more complicated when it comes to gender and human values. We need to remember there are people who are psychos and some are just not normal.
I would just like to say that the whole incident in Dehli also teaches us that our elders and our traditional values, especially in India, were and are not only correct but foundation stones of society.
Women are stronger than men but as elders used to say, they are Jewels and you cannot simply display Jewels everywhere. Any sane person will not leave his doors open and unsecured even if he lives in the most safest of all environments on earth. If you take precautions for precious belongings, do the same with your most precious jewels. We all men and women, parents need to remind ourselves before blaming our country and society, and calling it a shame and so on, how much do we respect our cultural and traditional values, how much do we respect the important lessons taught to us by our forefathers.
Again, we must look into ourselves and think about the entire situation, not all people are the same and equal in this world, and an entirely safe and secure world is just another dream for every human on earth.
Our culture does not allow alcoholism, or for women to roam the streets at night. It has long taught us to wear decent clothes and has never been inline with what today’s media and cinemas are showing. A survey done in the UK showed that the dress code was one of the major results leading to sexual assaults and harassment. Look at the movies now a days, I would not want my children to watch such musicals and scenes. Don’t we feel uncomfortable watching certain scenes and listening certain dialogues in the presence of our children. There is surely something wrong with the society itself which has undermined its social depth.

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