They also serve who stand and wait…!

The lines of ‘John Milton’ carry a lot of weight and meaning for many people around the world who want to bring about revolutions around the world, visionaries who can see what others around them cannot. It may seem that they are the lazy ones who are too heavy to walk the talk but the situation can never be understood by those who are busy passing their time away.

Waiting is the hardest part of life and in fact time itself. It makes one feel helpless and powerless against the push and pull of time. The tension from the tug of war between ones own self and his surrounding is ever increasing if not decreasing. For such moments have people invented words like¬† ‘kill time’ and ‘time pass’ whereas the Fatemi philosophy has guided the mind towards an entirely new dimension of thinking, where we are supposed to bring the night to life.

The wait has been given the status of Ibabdat and worship in several references for it is more tiring than the work itself and the agony of not doing something can be more trying than the exertion of worship as minutes turn to hours and hours to days and days to years. One may just crave for the longing to get the wants until finally a day comes when the waiting lounge becomes a comfort zone and the long awaited opportunity a fear of the unknown and that is why one must keep reminding the self that we are waiting for our turn.

To conclude, it would be easy to say that each and every person in his own position and stature is waiting for his destiny and the wait is long if one were to calculate it in terms of days and years but a wink of an eye or a small dream if one lives it to the fullest.

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