Reading Time

There has been quite a huge gap since when I have read for leisure and Ramadan is a time to ponder and most of the time is swallowed by reciting duas and Tilawat al-Quran. The passion for reading takes me at times to the pages on the internet where I find blogs and write-ups by people and would like to comment on but that too is just kept aside. Reading is to the mind as food is to the body they say but then there are foods that are harmful and even harmful when taken in the wrong way.

Food poison has become a common problem here during Ramadan and most doctors say that it is due to the change in eating habits during the holy month and several articles, write-ups and even prints have been out for Muslims to consider while fasting to maintain good health. That said, there are many people around the world especially the young curious minds who have a passion for reading and just keep reading and swallowing whatever they see everywhere. However, similar to the theory of food, the food for thought can also cause food poison and one must be vigilant at all levels in reading what comes in front of the eyes, especially in our age of information when it is widely and easily available on finger tips. Wrong or misleading information can lead to prejudice and misconceptions about casts, creeds, cultures, people and even entire countries since the media tool is used by lobbyists for propaganda purposes.

Today our generation just keeps reading and does not stop anywhere. People read sms’s and BBM’s and messages on whatsapp which go viral most of the time due to group formations and copy/paste culture. Some facts are just overlooked and enthusiastically forwarded and circulated all over the virtual world without even knowing about the truth and sometimes it might result in what I would term as virtual gossip and in turn result in food for thought poisoning.

We human beings have become quite careless about the health factor of our bodies and similarly the mind, for some great thinker has well said, a sound body has a sound mind. Since a few days and the dawn of Ramadan, it has become a personal habit to read a few lines of any message or articles and just skip it out if its not of personal concern to me and me only.

I would love the comments of all readers on this topic, for I am sure anyone who reads this is bound to experience and have the passion for having a reading time and enjoying it all the way. I am also sure people with interest in Education will also have a lot to say on this wonderful hobby or leisure activity.

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