Enslaved by Technology

When it comes to electronics and stuff related to technology some might refer me as a geek for the passion that I have for the upcoming trends and all that is in the spotlight. From computers, clouds and hand sets the gadgets just keep popping up with the latest updates packed with features that any one would start to fall in love with. The world has definitely become smaller and much closer with the advances of devices and gadgets that have been geared up to compete with personal computers but then they have indeed taken away our own privacy and accelerated our lives with nothing to spare for our own selves, no Me time.

Apart from the continuous buzzes caused by frequent communication with almost at no cost, there are these so called games. When we were very small usually video games meant Attari and simply games meant what we call athletics that we only see at the Olympics nowadays, as the current generation is turning into couch potatoes.  The games are those digital games that come along by default with the geeky devices everyone craves for so badly. Some say these games have a impact on people’s personality and it makes them violent, while some researchers have also claimed that these on screen eye gluing wares  help in mind growth. Whatever be the case, practically these virtual animies have turned the human generation, at least part of it, into zombies. Anything that is imbalanced is far beyond the boundaries of perfection that we humans have been wondering about throughout the ages, right from the dawn of civilization to the super fast age of information.

We did know that people were addicted to certain types of edibles or whatever that harmed the body, mind and soul, then came the addiction to the idiot box but when it came to the virtual world no one would ever call the processing of information to be harmful until very recently, not less than a decade ago researchers began to announce addiction to the internet. A decade, did I say? That is indeed a lifetime when we look at the age of the internet anyway. There were the computer games, the online games and now the mobile games. The entire generation is literally being enslaved by technology slowly and gradually, especially our tender minds are being swallowed  by its addictive nature. No physical activity and no creativity for developing the brains and the body. Obesity is on a rise and virtual addiction has created lives of fantasy for many which they are no longer willing to leave. All study and no play makes jack a lazy boy has now turned around into, all play (with gadgets) has made jack a dumb and lazy boy.

Silence and peace has been lost by the continuous beeps and ringing of some of the costliest, coolest and sleek gadgets. Places of worship no longer have the tranquility for the mind since even the most sacred places remain cluttered with the noise of technology.

Personally, I belong to the Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community who are known for their advancement in science, education and technology. The book of Jonah Blank, Mullahs on the mainframe, is supposed to highlight the very fact of the community and the center of learning of the Dawoodi Bohras, Jamea Saifiyah, has completely denounced the use of cellphones or any of the geeky devices by students while the academic sessions are in working. There are libraries and a highly equipped computer lab for study purposes while it is not allowed in dormitories, classrooms and any other places in the premises. Communication tools are provided for its sole purpose so that the student live in harmony, peace, silence and away from the buzzes of the gadgets that simply rob the privacy and harmony of the human body,mind and soul to a certain extent while they are fully aware and at par with the latest technological developments and use it to its fullest extent.

This said parents and educators around the world should take precautions to guide the developing mind in a proper way and direct its use as a result of which the tranquility of the mind is not lost and freedom from being enslaved by technology is inevitable.

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