Exercise and Yoga

When it comes to health, fitness and exercise most of us are just not too much interested in caring about our own body. The body is said to be the home of the soul and one could imagine about the dweller when it is cluttered, unclean and not maintained in a proper way. Since ages philosophers have looked at the body as the temple of the soul and so on.

So much for the philosophical stuff, the point is that the health of the human mind and thought as well as life is just directly relevant to that of a healthy body. When it comes to exercise we all are simply clumsy, lazy and me being no exception. Though I have loved certain types of fitness training during the past student life but one can easily say that now who has the time to do so.

Sometime back someone sent me a file related to Yoga in which I have very rare interest, in fact I might wonder if I have any. The file is of an unknown author but when I read it, I did find some of the few movements mentioned in it quite easy to follow and do at anytime without much of an hassle. Therefore, sharing the file with everyone here for general benefit, with a hearty thank to the person who took the pain to compile it.


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