Ramadan: A time to reflect, devote and give

The word Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word related to the sands of the desert, or from the root word that means parched thirst or a land that is heated and baked by the sun. It is expressive of hunger and thirst felt by those who fast during this holy month. Ramadan is indeed by nature a time ti sacrifice and observe its importance.

During this holy month, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink and sexual pleasures as well as other physical needs during the day. It is a time to focus attention on Allah, purify the soul and practice sacrifice, for on sacrifice is based the law of receiving.

Through fasting Muslims not only experience hunger and thirst but they also understand the plight of those very unfortunate who have very little to eat in this world. Fasting is not merely refraining from food and drink but it is about refraining from all evil, thoughts, words and deeds. The word for fasting Sawm in Arabic is based on this very concept and it means “to refrain”. Fasting does not just purify the body of toxic materials but also cleans up the lives, thoughts and feelings of a Muslim who prays and worships Allah and spends the holy month in His thoughts.

Through increased devotion Muslims come closer to Allah and recognize His bounties and gifts that we as creations of Allah receive from Him. It is a month of thanks giving and caring for every soul and for what nature has provided us with. As a result Muslims become generous in charity  and develop feelings of goodwill and generosity towards others.

Fasting brings about self control on a Muslim, through which he learns to practice good manners, speech and habits of patience and endurance. While the gatherings in the community tightens bonds of love and peace among the communities all around the world.

Much has been written about the month of Ramadan, Sawm, Salaat and Zakat that are some of the crucial points of this holy month but it would suffice to say that its a month repentance, endurance, patience and most importantly the month in which Allah has revealed the Holy Quran.

May Allah bring peace on His entire creation.

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