Dawoodi Bohras and Ramadan

The Dawoodi Bohras all around the world have a unique way among all Muslims when it comes to living through the holy and pious month of Ramadan. Muslims around the world are zealous about humility, patience, good deeds, fasting and prayers during these days. The bohras are more than just enthusiastic. When it comes to the days of worship and fasting the preparation starts well off days ahead. White clothes and topis for men and well embroidered colourful Ridas are prepared by members of the community. Ensured that these clothes are well washes and cautiously taken care of in terms of Taharah. Even the very little children prepare themselves and have their own Sujjadas and tasabih with just as much enthusiasm to join their elders in Imamat Namaaz.

The community members have a unique way of gathering at iftar after breaking the fasts as a result the entire community has a very well prepared and healthy diet throughout the holy month. Again at certain places around the globe the community members also have a habit to gather for Tahajjud prayers and suhoor is also arranged for the musalleen. Often members of the community take part in mass congregations held specifically forTilawat al-Quran in which Huffaz al-Quran recite from the Quran-e-Majid by tarteel while others follow. The concept of such a gathering is to help as many Mumineen who are not well versed in the recitation to complete the Tilawah of the entire Quran at least once during the month of Ramadan in an orderly manner. Short Surahs from Juz Amma are also recited before and after Imamat Namaaz at masjids by Ahkam al-Tajweed to raise awareness among Mumineen about the same.

The most important of all in the everyday event of a Bohra during Ramadan is offering Imamat Namaaz and Tilawat alQuran while no one would ever think of missing a fast unless he is traveling or advised by a doctor not to.

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