Black Cobra – The Moral

The name just suggests that it might be a somewhat thriller or another of those ghost movies. The statement at the beginning announces the same notion. It reads, it is not flesh and blood but the heart that makes us fathers and sons. Indian movies shed a lot of focus on the father and son relationship or depict the respect given by the younger generation to the elders and this one is a truly remarkable plot.

Talks about racism issues that still prevail in the society even though the law may prohibit it. The law is but limited and cannot prevail unless people’s thoughts change. We cannot live in a peaceful society unless each one of us keeps away from the bias of gender, race, religion or whatever. The complexes of superiority are symptoms of the disease of the mind and physical medicine cannot do away with it. The movie has a wonderful plot showing the differences prevailing within our so called modern societies and developed countries in addition to the loss of morals which are still there among the developing nation. At the center of the plot is the “Cobra” who is taught by his father and teacher, trained in the art of martial arts, has the highest regard of his father. The apprentice is taught the art of silence for it is the greatest open secrets of history, be still and know that I am God. In the stillness and silence the soul of the student and son is elevated to care and respect the father, giving up wealth and risk life for rescuing a hero from the prison and finally live with him after 15 years, while on the other hand in a very wealthy Japanese family of the US is a son who takes down his father several times in order to earn his attention and thus succeed as heir to the family business.

In the midst the action packed martial arts movies lies the moral of contentment and the purpose of life. The relation of a father with his child no matter what the distance of time or space may be among them. The sacrifices of a hero and the biased and greedy thoughts of our society. The plot also sketches the loyalty of friends and loved ones, the willingness of content people to sacrifice their possessions for the sake of truth and he lure of the material world. All in all its a nice watch if you love those action packed moves of the ancient art of self defense.


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