Proundly Committed to the Earth Hour

His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS has always instructed his followers, Mumineen, to care for the environment, preserve resources and avoid wastage of any kind. All this is in accordance to the guidance of the Holy Quran and the sayings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed al-Mustafa Rasulallah (SA). Huzurala TUS is said to have given strict instructions for the usage of lights and electricity even at Saify Mahal in Mumbai, where many times he himself has been seen switching off the lights right after sunrise. It has also been reported that during the Iftetah of Masakin Mohammediyah, the gents hostel, at Jamea Saifiyah in Surat, he himself switched off the lights of rooms and staircases after returning from its inspection.

We, Dawoodi Bohras proudly follow his example in his endeavor to care for the environment and mother nature. Let us all join hands for the sake of the Earth for it gives us food, shelter and blessings.  Let us join help ourselves and our future generations to come.

Remember not just to turn out lights tonight, but to switch off every possible electronic gadget and do not light candles or  burn any other fuel for light unless extremely necessary.

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