eHow Vs. Never PUSH when it says PULL

My favorite place to in any city or town that I visit is a place where book lovers just stand glancing at the covers of books for such a long time that you could easily finish off the tour of the entire place. The statues you see among the piles of bound paper should amaze you more than any monument in the world. A few years back I came across a book which is now a high ranking and frequently visited website. The book cover cautioned the reader with these words “Beware, highly addictive”. If you have not guessed the book title by now, it was eHow. Well I have left no room for guessing since my post title seems self explanatory.

Back to where we started about this book with hundreds and hundreds of pages written on just about any topic and subject in the world. The book simply laid down basic bullet-ed tips for just about doing anything in the world. Well, that’s what I thought and found it to be and believe me it was really addictive. It made the reader feel a master of all sciences just like those wizards in magical fantasy movies. The book was quite nice reading and it gave me a hard time to part with the book, when finally I had to consider the space it was consuming in my books’ cabinet, compared to its more regularly updated and far more handy and easily reachable electronic version on the worldwide web. Although the later is no more additive. In fact I doubt if any ready would actually spend more than only a few minutes on the site. This I guess would suffice for the age old and much talked about argument of modern times. Hard Copy or soft. Even though I would be easily termed as a geek by those who know me, but when it comes to the love for the written word, I would vote for the former without doubt. Except for the one reason, that, in our times just as we are running out of broader thoughts and vision, so are we lacking much space of storage elsewhere.

Short essay’s written wittily and with a wonderful sense of humor would turn the chapters of any book magical. Guy Browning  has a wonderful sense of writing as he elaborates the Small Rules for Little Problems in his book which I thought I should compare with eHow. The comparison would have been a real flop and would have ended up with a, Duh, at the end of the write-up. Both the books are totally unique in its own kind. Though when one picks up Guy Browning’s “Never PUSH when it says PULL”,  he would just think that it was a concise eHow with the power of knowledge. Though I do not really believe that Knowledge is power. Knowledge is NOT power at all. It is the application of knowledge which is power.

That said, just like  Guy Browning puts it, Antique books are bought by people who collect rather than read while second-hand books are bought by people who read rather than collect,  I find myself falling in the second category more over than the first. Its not that I do not buy new books but again, Not all books are bought new, and this one was from the book shelter. It was love at first sight with the book and as I found time to read it, it turned out not to be the concise version of eHow. Each How to…  essay wonderfully penned by the witty author and the art of brevity and humor, churned with some real life drama that we experience almost everyday, is sketched for the leisure of the reader. It’s two pages of How to.. write a novel, would inspire any blogger to write one in just a single day of dreams. The book simply has a How to.. for every occasion, moment and scenario of the human life. Believe me this statement is a result of How to… lie.

That’s about all there is in the highly academic comparison above which should end here, else the entire writeup would simply suffer the status of alie. A nice read to enjoy on a wonderful day out in the park. A book worth reading for those would would like to learn the art of narrating everyday humor and some funny stuff we do, without hurting anyone’s feelings that is. And no, I am not paid to write this review.

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