Kahaani – Right and Wrong

The most wonderful scenario that “Kahaani” represents is the law. The officer Khan explaining the difference between the law enforcing agencies and the the terrorists or the outlaws is the the simple thing that they work for the law and the infidels against it. Looking at the world around us, does this explanation really make sense at all, maybe to an extent but then who would define the limits and what are they. The Taliban for instance are right in their own world while the invading US and allied forces are doing it for humanitarian cause. The “it’ here is the mass murder of human beings in whatever circumstances may it be. Hundreds of people are scapegoats of the political warfare of views and theories. The entire scenario here is that what some country may regard are lawful according to the socio religious doctrine or political constitution they follow is regarded as suppression and barbarism by people of another country according to its cultural dogmas. Nothing has been more harmful to the human race over the ages then its own dogmas.

The above is the scenario of our society on a macro level but when it comes to a micro and personal level it has the same impact and therefore the Quran has exclaimed the act of killing a single soul as of killing the entire human race and vice-versa. Each person has his stature and sense of security within himself with beliefs differing from the point of view of the other person. The intensity of the cross-fire between two men therefore cannot be known by the onlooker. No violence can beat the death of the dignity of a human soul and people can easily be biased on the level of hurt inflicted on it. At such time of pain and suffering man finds the light of truth. To forgive as a single soul is much harder than to forgive as an entire nation. That is what “Kahaani” was all about. A nation may forget and forgive but a single soul hurt cannot. But then does vengeance solve the purpose of healing the scare inflicted on that soul. Not so much so. Therefore it is easier to forgive ones own self rather than battling with “The right and wrong” within.

The world is full of people whom you strive for thinking that they are your friends and family. But when tears drop of your eyes and your dignity is at stake no one comes to hold you. At such time of suffering man comes to know that all of those who he thought dear are far from that and he is but alone in life. Suffering is much needed until you feel it is unnecessary. Its the suffering that has taught me the truth of life. Never ask of a human for love, for love has no desire nor fear. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. One cannot love unless he or she forgives the self first and then others.

A wonderful message I would like to quote here, that someone had emailed me a few days back:

The Prayer of an Afghan Woman

************ ********* *******

Oh! The Killers of My Husband and Son!

Sitting on the graves of my husband and son,

Who fell victim to the savagery of your bullets,

My curse would have brought doom for you,

But the human passion still reigns my heart.

I pray, your wives never see my horrible fate,

To shed the streams of tears on your deaths ,

I pray, your children bloom before your eyes,

You may never suffer the grief of their loss.

I pray, God may make you leave my land,

And guide you to lead a humanitarian life,

I pray, you may never kill an innocent soul,

And save you always from His Divine wrath.


The above says the entire Kahaani of Afganistan and similarly Iraq and other war inflicted countries. The division of the entire world within the eyes of individual humans as being “right or wrong”. The killings condemned and justified by the human dogmas, dogmas that have imprisoned humanity since its dawn. The dogmas of Jahiliyah as known in the Islamic history. Islam is freedom from this prison cell for it is all about peace and forgiveness and not as perceived by those who have made up their mind into believing what they think as right or wrong. Until then politicians¬† and the so called elected leaders of countries like the US will keep meddling into the affairs of sovereign nations¬† and projecting its own policies as the law for the rest of the world.

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