Adsense Revenue

Throughout the many years of blogging and writing over the internet and the many years surfing as well as hours of reading that is accumulated in my daily routine, I have found that Adsense revenue as well as Adwords advertisement to be of very little use. While many people still believe in adverts that say you can have a share of the pie of Google’s multimillion revenue just by building up websites and writing content that pulls in google spiders and later turns those visitors into money printing mints.

The entire scenario is just a myth and would earn you less a coffee though out the month. If you only rely on Adsense to pull in revenue across multiple sites it just does not matter unless you have a very high visitor base which doubtfully would ever click on the ad texts or banners served through.

Let us put it this way, how many times do we ever click on adverts while we are reading some interesting material or doing a bit of a research. The percentage of the links being clicked and visited within the article, referred to by the author , would surely be higher than the advert even though it is relevant.

All in all it is totally insane to rely on Adsense alone to earn a living as well as rely on Adwords as a single marketing tool. There are several books and tutorials out there on sale that show you how to do it but those are theories not so perfect and merely a waste of time to an extent.

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