The Ghosts Book

Since the dawn of the human race, people have been fascinated by the term of “Ghost” or by the thought of any paranormal or super natural activity. Almost everyone, believers and non-believers alike seek more and more information that would quench their thirst of curiosity about the bewildered world.

From the presenter of the “Most Haunted” comes the book “Ghost Hunters” which captured my reading attention and the time spent with the book has been wonderful. The authors have dealt with the subject in a fairly balance way and have put in a lot of effort to pen their thoughts in words. At stages they simply call the “Ghost” as an act of the mind, or the sub consceince referring in their write-up to SickMan Fraud, that’s what I would personally call him, as these fellows are practically creating short circuits for the perfect human brain and making it go haywire, by explaining their sick theories. That said, the other side of the “Ghost Hunters” comes with some scientific explanations, explaining the apparitions as electrical impulses or the soul as being such, while on the other hand the authors have also tried to explain these unknown mystical happenings using the time theory and the existence of a  parallel worlds and planes.

The authors have also taken pain to refer some deliberately fraud ghost stories as well to being about the balance needed in their work. Some unexplained and fascinating events have also been brought up from the files of investigators.

All in all, the book is a good read and have found it worth having. Though a portion of the book still remains incomplete in my read, I would surely return back to it. For me, the existence of paranormal beings and activities is a subject related to faith and therefore unquestioned, along with intensive studies into the subject, but the book’s neutral way of putting things up for inquisitive mind is very much appealing and sheds light on both sides of the coin, for a subject that has never been given it’s justified place in the real world of education, science and logical examinations.

The books is indeed THE guide to investigating the paranormal, and that too with some practical implications. And please do not judge it by its cover.

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