From the heart it has sprung, and to the heart it shall penetrate.

In  the heart of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, in Ewan al Barakat, the hearts of Abnaul Jamea were  beating  with a high-pitch  rhythm and cadence. They were enthusiastically reciting  the most recent, Eid al Fitr Qaseeda Mubarakah(1432H)  of Dai al-Fatemi Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS.

 انت يا طيب العصر  معتمدي * ادركــــــني مـــــولاي خذ بيدي

O’ Imam Tayyib al ‘Asr AS, thou art my succor and support; be my savior O’ my Moula, and hold my hand!

Not that this was the first time they were doing this in history! No, rather, it was being rendered in style and quite a different manner. The hexagonal setting and the central bir, along with other  accoutrements, decoration and tazyeen simply accentuated  the entire ambiance  this morning.

This Qaseeda Mubarakah possesses a rare and a distinctive flavour of Fatemi literature that is equaled by few, if any. It is a repository of the wisdom and philosophy of Fatemi adab. Small wonder then, that the readers never  cease to be overwhelmed by every bait of it. The brilliance of this Qaseeda will forever continue to surprise and inspire thousands of its readers. The emotions expressed therein so plainly are too large for words to describe. Throughout the Qaseeda there is a sparkling gleam of Moula’s TUS deep affection for Mumineen, Moula’s doctrine of kindness, muwasaat, charity and love for humanity and he requires but few words to express these emotions.  It also exhibits a beautiful approach to life and its meaning.

The intense thoughts and style  and the compassionate outpouring make us feel we are in his proximity, rather, it is as if we are in his very heart. This is best explained by these abyaat (Verses):

و اجمعن بلطفك يا جامع الشـ * مل ما قد تناثر من بدد

و امـــلأن بيــوت المحبين مــن * طـارف نافع هــــكذا تلد

و مواليــــك اغنيتهم حاكمـــا * انمــــــا الكنز والله للولد

These profound emotions in poetry are of particular timeliness in contemplation of the difficulties the world is facing today, and much can be gleaned therefrom for human welfare and upliftment and in the understanding of life and its beauty. The Qaseeda has a specific recognizable message to convey, and the simplicity of the style brings the message to the inner consciousness of the reader quickly, clearly and effortlessly. From the heart it has sprung, and to the heart it shall penetrate.

May Allah grant our Aqa Moula TUS a long and healthy life and endow his Mansoos, Aali Qadr Moulaya Mufaddal Saifuddin a long life. Ameen

by Shk Mustafa bhai Zakir
(Ustad al-Jamea tus Saifiyah)
Saturday, 18th Zil Qad 1432H

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