MAF Najmcard Irony

MAF, one of the most reputable group of companies launched credit cards a few years back with staunch terms and conditions in store for applicants. The credit card is basically issued by MAF Finance and the initial card they launched was the JCB card while the Visa was added to their range later on.

These cards were initially promoted by the MAF group hyper mart, Carrefoure by adding discounts almost every other thing available off the self there. In addition to this the NajmCard boasts upto 4% cash back in all promotional material including the website and all other printed materials. They also have “Free for life” cards with a lower cash back value which is by all means acceptable.

So far so good. The surprises are yet to come, just like most banks that astonish the consumer with finer prints rarely readable, known as, terms and conditions apply. However, these terms and conditions are rarely mentioned in promotional material which lure consumers into a trap of so called loyalty shopping at times, turning it into tied up and bound to shopping.

What a cash back means in Najm Card language is accumulation of points that can later be converted to Carrefoure Vouchers that can be redeemed to pay ones carrefoure bills.

The Najm Card cash back system is not a cash back system but its a holding back customer for myself system.  Such promotional material cannot be deemed as accurate and in consumer interests, rather it is misleading to those who have to offer a blank dated and signed cheque to MAF Finance, have a large salary and other such conditions to apply for the so called Cash Back credit card.

Unless you are willing to pay a good amount of fee for the Najm Card, just forget getting one with an adjustable cash back system. Except for the priority counter benefit at carrefoure nothing is so attractive about the Najmcard. The special discounts that were initially offered also do not exist any longer.

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