How to Get Up Early

Getting up early in the morning takes discipline. But it’s an essential top performer skill that will take you and your business to the next level of excellence. Waking up early is a great gift. Give yourself a 60 minute personal leadership hour. Robin shares 5 essential keys to help you get up early in the morning.

5 Tips On How To Wake Up Early

1) Get Fit
2) Every Single Week Get A Massage
3) Eat Less Food – Don’t Eat After 8pm
4) In The Morning Write In A Journal
5) Learn to Find Ways To Love Your Current Job

How to Get up Early

My whole life is really about teaching people exceptionalism and one of the real strategies for high performance and leading without a title is getting up early.

You might say getting up early is not really relevant to you and yet if I look at the best of the best, whether it’s in business, in science, in the arts, in sports, these are people who have trained their brains to show up and discipline.

And getting up early is not only an incredible competitive advantage because most of your competitors are asleep, but getting up early is a great gift to give yourself. You get more life.

Ben Franklin said it really well; he said, “There will be plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.” So getting up early and giving yourself that 60 minute personal leadership hour, you practice and prepare just like how Bekham practices to be world class as a footballer, or Hamilton Lewis practices on the track to be a world class car racer. Or Mozart practiced to be a world-class composer.

You give yourself one hour from 5-6 and you do your practice.

But here’s the thing I really want to focus on.

How do you get up earlier? A few quick practical ideas:

1) Get Super Fit:
When you’re in world class physical condition you just need less sleep. Your metabolic rate is higher; you have a lot more energy, a lot more stamina and a lot more passion. Get super fit and you’re just going to need less sleep.

2) Every Single Week Get A Massage:
Getting a massage is not a waste of time. Its not a cost. It’s an investment. Why? Because it will increase your circulation, it will help you get by on a lot less sleep. Its something that every peak performer should do every 7 days just to allow yourself to play at your absolute best

3) Your Diet, Eat Less Food:
You’ll have more energy. Don’t eat after 8:00 and eat every 4 hours. Little bit of protein, a little bit of carbs. Manage your diet but the key is to eat less food and you’ll need less sleep.

4) Get Up In The Morning and Take The Time To Write In A Journal:
In other words, dump the worries on your mind onto a crisp white piece of paper. When you worry you lose energy. I call it dissipation and the more things you worry about the less energy you will have and the more sleep you will need.

5) Learn To Find Ways To Love Your Job:
Lead without a title. I have met room cleaners who have cleaned hotel rooms like Picasso painted. So find ways in your current job to be passionate about your job. Be the absolute best in your job. Why? Because few things create more energy than going to work everyday and feeling that your work is meaningful. Feeling that you can show leadership in your area of responsibility. Feeling that your work is a craft whether you flip hamburgers or work in human resources but one of the great secrets to passion is purpose in your work.

Getting up early would be one of the best moves you make for leadership, success and having a great life.

by Robin Sharma is the author of the #1 international bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life,” a book that is causing transformation in many of the best businesses in the world.

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