The year 1432 H / 2011 A.D. is characterized by most remarkable epoch-making events of Fatemi, as well as world history.

It is the spectacular year of the twin celebrations, it is a hallmark of  Melad Meawi and Masarrat al nas al mubarak.

Mumbai has been the epicenter for almost all of the celebrations and events of this year beginning from Ashara Mubarakah.

Currently it is the venue and miqaat for Imtihaan al Sanawi of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah.

This year we will be attaining another huge nemat and rehmat of Allah Subhanahu, the special barakaat of gathering ruhaani imtinaan of Our Maula TUS and His Mansus Aqeequl Yemen, Syedi wa maulaya Mufaddal Bhai Saheb Saifuddin TUS, who is also Amirul Jamea, may Allah grant both our Maula a long life of perpetual futuhaat and  imamiyah shanaat.

In Al jamea tus Saifiyah, al imtihaan is synonymous to al imtinaan, as it is absolutely a hallmark of blessings and munificence of Duat Mutlaqeen AQ, especially of the 52nd Dai al Fatemi Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS who has epitomized al imtihan as the prestigeous miqaat for  expressing devotedly our muhabbat, tafaadi and khidmat, because these are the quintessential of ilm e Ala Mohammed AS.

Amirul muqddas Amirul Jamea, Syedi Yusufbhai saheb Najmuddin AQ once said;

للعبد اْية رقه ان يفدي الـ  * مولى وحجة علمه ان يخدما

Al Imthaan allures thousands of mumineen every year to this institute. Its spirit forms the soul of Jamea. It draws a pattern for the academic and vocational activities and sets the bearings and dimensions for the teaching process and education which is adapted throughout the academic year. Imtihan is an experience where the gathering of mumineen imbibes and avail the values and deep philosophy and understanding of Islam and Fatemi tradition.

 Maulana Taher Saifuddin AQ says:

 وتفتح ابواب العلوم لهم اذا * بدت لهم في الامتحان المسائل  

Imtihan is the embodiment of quality, and focuses in bringing out the best of the best from Anbnaul Jamea, in terms of learning, character building, and well accomplished personality.

وقد تولينا امر الامتحان على احسن الشاكلة 

The best of the characteristics and systems by which jamea imtihaan is conducted is the qudsaani presence of Dai Fatemi in the imtihan which is an experience observed only in Jamea.

 Therefore, it is certainly a surreal experience. Imtihan is a process in this hallowed and renowned Fatemi institute, in which everyone is sharing a common goal, that is, to demonstrate each ones  ability to secure and attain the ridaa ( khushi) and pleasure of our spiritual and shafeeq Bawasaheb  Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS.

 Abnaul jamea are beseeching the waseela of Awliyaullah and pray,

“May Allah endow our Maula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS a long long life enthroned on the arsh of sehat kameelah and aafiyaat daaemah for the continuation of this Imtihaan and for showering upon mumineen the Imtinaanat qudsaaniyah”.

On the opening ceremony of Jamea in Karachi, Aqa Maula TUS said quite presagingly about the paradigm and ideals of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah.

 لافتح ابواب المعارف كلها * لمن كان دون القشر يرجو المعانيا

This inauguration of Jamea, is the opening of gates of all knowledge and absolute wisdom, for all those who desire the essence, rather than the kernel. 


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