The problem with the world is that there are too many damned foreigners in it.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS, the spiritual leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community is celebrating his 100th birthday this year. Personally being a strong follower and a passionate lover of all his instructions, I believe that “loyalty to a country to dwell in is a part of faith”. Loyalty in simple terms is to respect its laws, culture, tradition and economic values.

Have lived in the UAE for many years, right from schooling to adulthood and even being married here makes the country my home away from my birthplace which I haven’t even known for a tenth of my age. Indians in this country have really played a role in the socio-economic development of the nation and we do really feel to be proud of the fact. During childhood, I used to have Emarati friends and go to their homes, play Attari and stuff even. I remember my father’s sponsor and a friend rather, would insist him to visit often when we used to greet him on Eid. He was an old gentleman and we used to know of him as a distant relative and an uncle as kids rather then an Emarati who was our sponsor. Another Emarati uncle I remember from those days was a neighbor who used to help us with water during the hot summer days when it was scarcity. Those days were so peaceful and calm. We used to walk home from school 3 Kms away, play cricket and football but today at the same age my kids would never think of putting a foot out of the home due to the heavy traffic.

I remember seeing the then Ruler of Ajman, a simple and elderly figure sit in public and meet everyone with a friendly gesture. Today is an altogether different story, though having met the now Ruler several times during Eid and other occasions the protocol is different. He is down to Earth and have seen him drive his own car once as he waved from his Merc on a Red Signal stopping on our side.

We have always believed that this country has given us a different view of life, a different dimension to it and a life of prosperity and happiness.

Today as the country marches towards Emiratization in the private sector, I believe that best way to create a better workforce out of the countries youth is, not only to give them opportunities and security of job but also train them for dignity of labor. Uplift them to mingle freely within the corporate culture while not being foreigners in their own land. A skilled, learned, trained and hardworking employee is a corporation’s asset and such human resource are valuable for the entire nation as well as the community. I think the country should encourage the youth to work and have pride in doing so, as well as provide encourage the institutes that want to play a role in this endeavor. Together with all the love that the people here have for this land and nation, everyone can put their piece of brick as we grow.

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