Chocolates – A passion for some

There is much to chocolates then just silencing kids with those sweet lip licking brown things. Really it takes a lot of understanding to know a chocolate lover’s passion and it took me ages to know the various chocolates out there with their mouth watering tastes and brain tinkering  feeling to have it melt on the tongue.

To me a chocolate is simply something that is pure and has no add-ons like nuts and biscuits. Its just not the type of chocolate that would give you a heavenly feeling. Mint to some chocolate lovers might be refreshing but its just another add-on bars the real taste of chocolate.

Writing this post was just a matter of bringing out the joy that a friends wife is in the business and she loves to cook those yummies. God knows if she was inspired by his skin complexion, but when it comes to chocolates its totally acceptable. Even finding out for a giggle that a friend can be called a chocolaty, for not only being himself, but also for being a real chocolate lover. 🙂

For all those chocolate lovers out there, here is the detail to the home made chocolate maker:

Choco Point,
Home Made Chocolates

Zahra M. Mustafa Shakir,
411,  Saifee Bldg,  Shehabi Colony, Rustampura,
Surat-395002 Gujarat, India
Mobile: +91 9427579491
Email: chocopointin @

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