National Security and Human Rights

The people who have wanted to create terror and fear in the hearts of men so that humans seize from living a peaceful and fruitful life have indeed succeeded in many ways. If we closely look at the way governments have turned and changed their policies we would surely see this picture. The work of these incompetent people who have looked at the liberal and progressive world with eyes of jealousy is just to create imbalance, disturb public harmony and create fear.

Certain policies of world governments have helped these extremists succeed in their evil intentions. These policies rip off the “aam aadmi – mangoman” with his basic human and civil rights and under the pretext of national security destroy the democratic and for the people, by the people, constitution of the nation.

India has implied stringent measures on visa applications of Pakistanis. The simple reason is that they are Pakistanis. A close Iranian family friend, now an American, whose mother was a Pakistani was denied Visa by the Indian Authorities to visit India with her Husband. Reason her mother was a Pakistani. Under the pretext of national security the story does not seem to be justified.

Wives are denied visit visas to accompany their Indian Husbands. The Indian Government officials have gone nuts by writing the nationality of a child’s mother in his or her passport only if the mother is a Pakistani. The mere stupidity of the undocumented rule was declared by another government official by saying that people with evil intent do not travel legally.

The people who sit in high offices do not see the plight of ordinary people who are being harassed and deprived of basic human and civil rights under the pretext of National Security which is more of a concern for the common man who is not being protected by body guards or commandos. The national budget in protecting the common man is far beyond the scale of the expenditure done towards protecting politicians and public figures. Instead pity rules are being placed to protect the civilians which further cause disturbances in their lives. The price of such incompetent national security measures is not only paid by the pockets of patriotic citizens but also by the suppression of their social and civil rights.

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