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Banks are in Business as well

October 9, 2010

Nowadays marketing agents just climb on your back until they get their piece of incentive in the form of commission for whoever they work for. Bank salespersons are no exception to this rule. The huge benefits they show you in their sales pitch for any product can make you feel you might be a millionaire […]

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A Profession worth living

October 5, 2010

At a very young age of about 15 years or so we had to write an essay about the best of all professions and which we in ourselves thought was an ideal one which made a real difference. I chose the teacher as the person who made the biggest difference in our lives, in shaping […]

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Twitter Jungle

October 3, 2010

I use twitter to mark some of the wonderful pieces of information that I read around and at time just stumble on while surfing the internet.

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