Are we Humans!

The article by Khalaf Ahmed al-Habtoor “Enough Free Propaganda..” is a gem. Every word of it is true and while everyone chooses if they want to be “hurt” or not we are human beings after all. We have the right to choose between right and wrong and we have been given a divine gift to select between various paths in every aspect of life. We are definitely social and therefore have rules and laws in place. But what if, behind the veil of the law, a person can act like a lunatic?

A person has the right to burn his own property, money whatever and the law secures him to do that. Can a mother kill a child after giving birth to it, if she has failed abortion? Abortion is alright then why not killing the new born?

Personally I feel both are nor right and many people feel that but what is law? The thoughts of a few men put together who think they know better then other humans? Then maybe after a few year or a decade or a hundred someone might turn-up and amend it? Whats logical to a person is insane to the other, whats important to a group is rubbish to others. Some people try to uphold the right and freedom to do anything they want just because they are insecure, that maybe they land up in a similar position some day.  The blame game starts and say that if such a right is implemented and an insane person carries out insane things people tend to hurt themselves, its their choice and those who are hurt are maybe insecure or whatever.

The people who think they follow logical thinking, play with words and claim that though they also feel insanity to be insane but would rather support logic. What logic is that? Humans manipulate every bit of logic and just walk around in an inhuman manner. Where is our tolerance and where do we stand is the question.

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