Burning of “Quran”, where is the world headed?

A gulfnews article published today brings great concern to me personally being a practicing and faithful Muslim but it further brings about concern that why does not any country in the world have stringent laws against defamation of religious texts. In these many years I have lived in India, I was there during the Babri Masjid riots and though there was a lot of blood shed I haven’t heard of anyone burning the Quran or the Gita. Houses were burnt down and people were killed and what not inhumane acts of violence were carried out by people, I use this word with caution, as I believe religion leads to salvation and therefore cannot preach violence and hatred. People are hurt by people and not religion.

It is the misconceptions of people that lead to such violence while the religious texts are always sacred and divine. They preach love and harmony even where there is a mention of war. It has deep meanings which are misunderstood by many or misinterpreted for the mass by many for personal gains. The police if they have to fire and kill in an encounter are not murderers. They are protecting the peaceful lives of people.

The article that led me to write this blog entry after many days has many aspects that need to be looked into and discusses. The first and foremost are the different concerns cited by the US officials regarding the threat to the US troops by the disgraceful and disrespectful act. Further more the concern about the harm that would cause to the administration and the triggering of the insurgents are also worth noting. All concerns are political crap and none of them even point to the gravity of this act. Any religious book is sacred and should be regarded as equal to the constitution of a country where if anyone who commits an act towards it would be regarded as non-patriotic.

None have raised concerns over the sentiments of American Muslims and another billions of people who have nothing to do with al-Qaida. al-Qaida or its similar types claim to be Muslims but does that make them Muslim and followers of the Quran. A dissident holding an American passport if does an act against the country would not be an American even though he has a passport and claims to be one. The nation would hold him as a foe rather then a child.

The political concerns expressed by the US officials are not only worrying but they point to a true fact that there are motives other then peace and harmony in policies governing deployment of  troops and military might. Unjust and unlawful people of the likes of al-Qaida kill the innocent in the name religion and what not while the people who are trying to uphold the law are doing the same in the name of “War on Terror”.

People around the world need to understand that tolerance will bring growth to peace and harmony while hate will bread fear and hate. Acts such as these are from not learned and civilized people but from the ignorant and misinformed.

Wake up America, the statue of liberty points to the liberty of being human not lawless animals.

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