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If you haven’t joined twitter yet or you do not know much about the social networking site, it is one of the most fantastic things that could happen in the mobile industry, or short messaging or even mini-blogging. Whatever one might prefer to call it, TWITTER rocks.

All you have to do is create an account for yourself and receive updates from your contacts, ie those people whom you wish to follow or receive updates from. These updates are called tweets.

You can search for a friend and then follow him/her or you can simply go to their URL and follow. Example: or Simply click the “Follow” button to add the person to your contact list.

When I say twitter being a best thing for mobiles I mean it. Twitter sends sms updates to your handset. Not from all of those you follow but from those whom you opt to have their tweet updates sent to you as sms notification.

For this you can go and setup your mobile number to access twitter and you might allow messages from the your contacts or those you follow.

The good thing is that it has a do not disturb system in place as well, where you can choose not to receive sms alerts at certain times of the day.

Once you have authenticated your mobile to access twitter, you can receive tweets in sms from all the contacts you select, Free of charge.

Whats greater even is that when you tweet or send an sms to your twitter account, all those following you will receive the tweet on their home page or their mobile softwares like nimbuzz or even just get an sms on their handsets, depending on the options they choose.

Great isn’t it. You can simply message all those following you, in other terms, all those who have added you to their contact list, in one go. At the cost of a single sms. Or even free if you are doing it though the internet.

Twitter now works with the DU network in UAE and Airtel in India. There are several network providers that support twitter worldwide. You can check it out if your local service provider is available.

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Note: Just like every social networking site, you should also keep your privacy as priority on Twitter as well. Check who is following you, whom you follow. There are many verified celebrity accounts on twitter as well.

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