Ever been a victim of snoring. It can kill a person. No I am not joking. Sometime back I read in the newspaper that in China a student killed his roommate just because he was tired of his snoring. Weird but true to be in the news. The story goes that it had been months since he was suffering sleepless nights at the hostel and had also complained about the matter but it was ignored. Finally his stress level grew to such an extent that it happened.

Just think if you can’t sleep for a few consecutive night and are deprived of it due to this menace. Starving can depreciate a persons health to an extent to make him week but depriving sleep would make a person a maniac. There are many instances in life when we have to share a room or a common place for sleep, maybe, in a train even and if ever someone becomes a target or shikar of this problem we get out of control. At times the person who snores sleeps happily and most comfortably while we just being nice sit there dreaming for a nap out of courtesy or just for the sake of being good. What an emotionally threatening scene.

The culprit is least bothered, in fact is fully rested and at peace while all those around him/her are troubled because of him and dare not utter a word. Bechare ko kaise jagaen. Frustration runs in the veins from top to bottom while the cause of the problem is full at ease.

The music goes on and you wait the whole night just waiting for it to stop to have some rest and revive your body of its lost energy but alas it goes on until the day rises. This is what I might call emotional atyachar.

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