Islam does not mean Terrorism

Terrorism is not an asset or property confined to Islam. In fact Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and the name of the belief and religion itself suggests peace. The why does the media and the west hype the issue and associate the issue with Islam and Muslims. Sometime back i received an email which had a few depictions like, for example, why if a Jew or a Sikh grows a bread he is called a devote and faithful to his religion whereas if a Muslim grows a bread he is looked upon as a terrorist or viewed with a suspicion on threat to security. Similarly there were many such examples which I cannot recall. The question kept popping up in my mind that why is Islam associated with religion.

The Tamil tigers were the first to start suicide bombings, the Irish were a security threat for years, the black widows have been a security threat in Russia, there have been much more student killings in the US that anyone can imagine but why if some Palestinian, kashmiri, Pakistani or Afghani or any other militant group raise the security alarm level it is the religion, Islam, to blame.

I happened to see the movie Lamhaa, and what a terrific movie it is, during which I tried to focus my mind on this topic. It is not Kashmir only, but it is Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and all sorts of places like these that have become companies and are run by capitalist corporates. I remember back in 1992, I had read in the Khaleej Times that the USA alone, not to mention the rest of the coalition, had charged the state of Kuwait 800 billion USD for the desert storm. This is apart from the dessert shield and the rebuilding process and what not. The entire operation was a corporate operation rather then a military one. This I cited just to compliment the scene in Lamhaa where the businessman cum terror link explains to the Indian authorities the amount of tax payer money that goes into Kashmir’s security budget.

Coming to the question I posed, the answer was very simple to me. Some of the Muslim fanatics, especially the hardliner Wahabi sect are brainwashing people, especially children from a very young age in the name of Islam and are embedding the wrong concept of Jihad in their minds, seeding false perspectives which make them believe this personal corporate operation of terror is religious, which in fact is not. The same perspective is viewed by the world when the puppets go out and actually undertake the terror attack. They have the words like “Allaho akbar” and “la Ilaha Illallah” on their lips which make the onlooker believe that the operation was a religious one, just as the little boy whom Sunjat Dutt killed in Lamhaa was uttering. He was mesmerized and hypnotized into killing himself for years, at a ripe age when teachings have a very high impact on thoughts and behaviors. While the boy was told that he would go to jannat and the key to it was the trigger. The entire story about the associating Islam with terrorism can be conveyed in a single phrase from the above depiction, “God created paradise and man turned it into hell”. Islam is a Godly religion that preaches and teaches peace.

The entire operation of terrorism is a corporate business but alas nor does our government or politicians want to accept it as they get their share of the pie, nor does the media project the facts as they want to keep the reel rolling for their own ratings and growth. The truth is a gruesome fact which normal citizens have to wake up to understand and start asking questions to their governments about their hard earned tax money. They have to embrace the fact that its not the religion but the corrupt minds of so called humans.

I would also like to add as an additional note, that is you would ask any normal practicing Muslim, a modest person, who has visited Mecca and Madina, he would tell you that the Wahabbis even tag most Muslims as “kafirs” or unbelievers and think that their blood is halal.

من فتل نفسا متعمدا فجزاءه جهنم

He who kill a single soul willingly shall burn in hellfire. This includes killing ones own self or suicide, which is completely cowardice and haram in Islam. Islam does not accept the killing of any human being or even a life. Rasulallah (SAW) has said that he who kills a sparrow even without any reason shall find it have a case against him on the day of Judgment.

Everyone should remember that Islam has nothing to do with all this stupidity and nor so Muslims, its the capital market that plays its game.

“Sab Bik Chuke Hain, Koi Siyasat ke liye, Koi Jehad Ke Liye, Koi Mazhab ke liye, Koi Paise ke liye”.

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