Indo-Pak Talks and National Security

Indeed the National Security of any country is the most worrying concern for not only the government but that of all its citizens for a peaceful and prosperous life. India has a rigid stand on the cross border terrorism issue as well as the Pakistani side circles around the not so important issue of Kashmir. The strong stand of India on issues of terror is just perfect and any common man would consider it wise for his own safety and security.

Mr Mani Shankar, a former BJP minister said that no matter what the situation be the Ind-Pak talks should continue. There is no other option for the Indian government to tackle this crucial and vital issue without sitting on the table with the Pakistani authorities, or does India wish to go on the so called “War on Terrorism” just like the US did in Iraq. Off course peace talks held quietly within close doors would benefit both the sides rather and media hyped hot talks. I do agree on this small note made by Mr. Mani Shankar during his Zee TV interview.

Another important aspect that the the Indian government needs to address with top priority is to synchronize its policies within its various departments and ministries. There are several issues on which the different government departments are not aware with the policies of each other.

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