High Tech approach in India

India has been an emerging nation which has produced more and more computer geniuses and experts during the past 2 decades that has really upheld the .com industry and the silicon valley. During the past years due to the inward approach on the government in India the nation faced a brain drain until now when the west or rather the emerging economies has seen India as an outsourcing haven for all the support and technical work required.

Education in India has also come a long way with the literacy rate going up and the public becoming more and more aware of their surroundings. The news that India unveils $30 laptop is just over whelming and will not only make a difference to the student sector but will also have huge impact on the way the Indian markets and the businesses operate. There has been a significant change in the technology sector in India then that before 10 years and the dream of Rajiv Ghandi of handing over computers to every person might seem to be coming true. With the Nano laptop which I might prefer to call it for its low price things are really going to rock. As for the services that would be needed to compliment this Nano laptop, such as the Internet, I think India has already achieved a major break through in the sector. At some places in Indi, such as Chhattisgarh, a broadband connection with unlimited bandwidth and a complimentary land line phone with a speed to 256kbps costs less then 5 USD per month. While a 3G usb connection with unlimited bandwidth and a speed of 128 kbps cost only 7 USD a month even while roaming all over India. Such a huge leap of Indian economics and a large consumer base is a business venue that anyone would want to wet their feet in.

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