Electricity and Fuel Shortage

There were 2 articles in today’s Khaleej Times pointing at the energy consumption levels in the USA and the squat that the US government is doing S we read these articles to conserve energy and save our future, the future of humanity on the whole.

The article Step out of the vehicle was an interesting read about the car culture in the US and it may seem that the American are too much in love with their SUV’s but the case is somewhat similar to the Middle East as well. Living in the UAE since the past 30 years it we know how inexpensive cars can be. The over head costs however are paid by the environment. The culture we live in, in the UAE make people prouder of their cars and the bigger they are the higher the status symbol. The fuel energy that these vehicles rely on to continue running has had great impact on the way we live, the way we thing, the global climate and off course our pockets. As the global economy was melting down it seemed we burned more and more money as we pumped up are SUV’. At times it does make me ponder that the government here is so much so worried about the environment that it is taking major steps in all directions including strict rules imposed on the industrial sector as well. Why not then take a major step towards those SUVs are really swallowing major resources.

Fuel has had major impact on basically and practically everything that we can think of and the Khaleej Times published and article on Clean Energy and the major steps that the US is trying to take. I am always a fan of those who uphold the environmental issue and have been taught by our community leader who has established Burhani Foundation, for the very purpose, to think in that direction.

The UAE authorities have always tried hard and have worked towards achieving major breakthroughs in preserving the health of our environment through the years. However, much can be done and much more investments are required in this area of concern. Both capital investment as well as that of resources. The UAE fortunately has and abundance of both. Natural renewable energy is one thing we have here in abundance. The Emirates has miles and miles of desert land which could  be used to harvest both the solar and wind energies to the optimum level and the authorities do need to encourage capital investment in those fields.

Recently we are having severe power shortages in Sharjah and Sewa blames it on huge demand and fuel shortages. With its abundance of natural resources and ways to harness renewable energy the authorities need to have a paradigm shift and start looking outwards rather then inwards else the problems will keep rising further in the coming future.

As for the high demand and shortage of fuel for the electricity, many visitors coming to the UAE have often commented on the way the roads are lighted all over the place. Most of them including myself believe that the usage of such high illumination of highways stretching hundreds of kilometers is a waste of natural resources if not financial at all.

The authorities need to look on these perspectives on a federal level in the UAE rather then the state level if we do want to ensure a safe and secure future for the coming generation. We must look towards harvesting green and renewable energy rather then relying on fuel if we do want to give something back in the energy trade to mother nature. The motto is to preserve nature for much larger gains and profits rather then immediate.

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