Man does not live by bread alone

There is nothing great on the Earth than man, and in man there is nothing greater but the intellect. His capacity to learn and think has made man distinct in all of Allah creations. By understanding his surroundings man has been able to use nature’s resources to serve his purposes.

Above all his needs and ways of living, is his intellectual need, which differs from all other animals. His power to express his thoughts and understand makes him unique among all creatures. He is the only being that eats when he is not hungry and makes love in all seasons. He needs to quench his thirst out of curiosity.

Since the very beginning of life man starts asking “why”. Allah created him and taught him what he never knew. With his knowledge man rules the world and forgets the “why” of his creation. Wandering is his mind, caught in the web of questions, searching for their answers. Since the pre-historic times man’s curiosity has lead him to open the doors of a better future as he advances into the atomic age.

Man like all other animals has feelings strong and needed to be shared. A cow may feed her calf till it grows but then leaves it independent, while man’s feeling last forever, even for decades and centuries. His understanding helps his emotions to prosper, growing the need in him for someone to share these emotions with. It is he who laughs and weeps to express his feelings.

Mumineen, on the other hand, weep in sorrow and remembrance of the great sacrifice of Imam Husain (AS), understanding his sacrifice and his gift to human race.

The human soul makes man the most unimaginable of all creatures. It is the soul that makes him so distinct and unique. Its inclination towards the heavenly abode is the main purpose of human life; the ascending however, is possible only by obeying Allah. No man has ever seen Him or talked to but Allah has sent his messenger to guide the human race to the path leading towards him. He who follows the path serves the purpose of his life. Religion makes man differ from animals as Amirul Mumineen stated:

ابني ان من الرجال بهيمة        في صورة الرجل السميع المبصر

فطن بكل رزية في ماله          واذا اصيب بــدينه لم يشعر

There are men no better than animals, who keep record of their bread but when it comes to matters of deen they just don’t understand. If man’s life was just for food and sleep then animals are better, who cause no harm to each other while man makes war. A human is to Almighty, a believer, for whom He has made this world. For whom He has sent a hadi (guide) to guide him to the waters of immortality to quench his thirst.

Rasulallah (SA) has said that all creation is the family of Allah, and he who is the most beneficial to his family is the most loved one towards him. The term family cannot be taken in strict terms but as for His care and love that Allah has for all His creation and beings, for He has not been begotten nor does He beget nor does He have any similar partner to Him. The hadith stresses Allah’s omnipotence and thus guides man towards the path of love and care for the mother nature. In fact the hadith in support of the Quranic Ayat:

كلوا واشربوا ولا تسرفوا

Eat and drink but do not waste, care for all beings and the human race will thrive with the blessings of Allah and live in harmony with his creation. It is only the humans that will use the resources of mother nature most wisely and it is only the most religious and pure hearted who will understand this truth.

May Allah grant Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin a long life to guide us, to live human and die human.  AMEEN

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