Indian Government Policy on National Security

Definitely there is a clear distinction between the policies of India towards its own citizens as well as the rest of the world and the politics that shape these policies. The US Government under the disguise of threat to the nation was very much able to deepen the fears of the common man who has nothing to do with the political matters that build the government or rather the political matters that involve individual or corporate interests of the capitalists of a capitalistic society and economy.

The US started a”War on Terror” and sounded the alarm of “National Security” which has become a narrowed the peacefulness of the mind and soul of the bread earning common man.

The fear of death and loosing a job is to some extent the same for the common man and this fear has been heightened by the government controlled and censored media. Under the pretext of national security which is off-course the most sensitive issue that even the Head of States of the most powerful nations take it seriously, the people who crave to quench their thirst for power or monetary gratification, undermine the very constitution of the Country or the Nation that granted power to such Head of States.

These vultures for some very minute personal gains savagely plunder the rights of the common man who has been frightened to death by false projections. Basic human rights and the law of the country and its principles are killed and terrorized under the pretext of “War on Terrorism” and “National Security”.

A common man was once arrested at the airport of a certain country by the crime branch as he was arriving from a certain middle eastern state. He was interrogated and he knew nothing of what was happening, the head of that particular state tried to intervene and was told by the so called guards of the nation and its security that if he the head of state intervenes the secret services will no longer be liable for his own safety. One can easily imagine the climax of the story. This is what I call politics. The story may not be true as its picked up from gossips of the mass but it does have a moral.

Recently, the Indian Government has tightened visa regulations especially for the Pakistani nationals due to “National Security”. It is understood that Pakistanis need to get an approval from the Home Ministry in India and a clearance for them to be allowed to go there. The measure is quite sensible and logical to an extent. However, the task of verification is indeed tedious and could not be completed even in months or years at the pace the government departments work in India. Another alternative is that the HOF can clear the application and grant visa to anyone under their authority. However, this too has been restricted to emergency medical cases as well as death.

On the other hand human rights are violated by the government officials under the pretext of “National Security”, how, people whose dependents mostly wives are Pakistanis are also not given visa for their wives to accompany them to their country. Even after more than a month the Indian visa issuing authorities are waiting for approval from New Dehli for a person who has been married to an Indian citizen for 8 to 10 years or even more and has visited the country with their spouse several times. The reason is national security and proof of addresses which the government authorities have themselves endorsed in the Indian passports of its citizens.

Where does the constitution state that under the pretext of “National Security” its citizens can be deprived of a human right to a happy family life or is there a restriction to inter-nation marriage as well. The law of the country is indeed being flushed off by the guardians of the code who preach others to respect the rules. Rules are just policies born out of politics.

A note to those who are so much worried about National Security and question, has ever a convict or suspect involved in terror attacks or inhumane acts of killing innocent people ever acquired an approved visa and entered the country to finish of with the conspiracy that creates havoc in the lives of ordinary citizens and the common man? If yes then the people who are boasting for national security in the Home Ministry are the culprits of not doing their job properly….and if no then they are again the culprits for not securing our borders from infiltrators and trespassers.

In both instances the common man applying for an X-Visa for visit is the victim of abuse. Abused by the lawmakers and the security officials on one hand and by the lunatics and animal like savages who have no value for the God gifted beautiful life, who are the threats to the lives and tranquility of the common man.

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