Posting Arabic in WordPress

Since a few days shifting from Blogger to WordPress, I have been trying out all sorts of ways to publish Arabic script within my posts. Have tried the best friend on the net “Google” to get some answers but none helped. My database uses the the charset UTF-8 as some people pointed out as needed for Arabic display. I tried out several plugins but none have worked so far.

I also tried to add some meta data in the template for multi-lingual content, edited the css for fonts but nothing worked.

Blogger was no good at handling the Arabic posts but a least the display was not garbage characters or just ????? marks.

I remember having faced the same problem once while posting on the Akhbar Blog. The issue was never solved.

If some one knows how this issue can be solved kindly help by posting comments to this post.

By the way, the Tinymce editor that comes in default does not have capability to write rich text posts either, comments and ideas on that side would be appreciated as well.

Update: Its just as I suspected earlier, after trying all sorts of fundas and using the elimination theory I can finally conclude that its a DB issue. The DB does not save the Arabic characters in either Arabic or unicode rather it saves it as the ????? junk, which is later rendered by wordpress post or the editor in the exact form as the DB returns it.

Have asked Jacob for help lets see what he can come up with.

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