It is a Great Loss for a person who cannot SMILE

A person is not fully dressed until he wears on a smile on his face. When a child is born, he is welcomed by people smiling and laughing all around. Hearts are won over by a smile on the face;  a dull face is hated by everyone. Man who is the greatest of beings on earth is the only one who has been granted the gift of laughing; he who cannot laugh is living a useless life which can be regarded to as an earlier death. Laughter is a necessity in life because it relieves pain and sorrows. It is what clears the mind and leads to a healthier life and as the saying goes “a healthy man is indeed wealthy”.

A happy mind brings out best results and gives life to art, while a dull mind is angry and never perceives satisfaction. The human community is very unique in itself. People living in it create an atmosphere accordingly. A person smiling will immediately make the person standing in front of him smile even though they do not know each other. In fact it is contagious. Smiling also does make the other person think of what your thoughts are. Smiling is the way of attracting people, knowing then and being friends to them. It is a sign of safety and comfort. He who lacks it lacks friends and everything in life. Huzurala (T.U.S) says:

A Mumin should keep smiling, if there is a place for sorrow then it is in his heart. Do not forget the sorrow of Imam Husain who for Allah’s happiness sacrificed his life. A happy person in life who is happy with Allah’s justice and decision leaves the world wearing a smile, a symbol of happiness and content, on his face, while people around him are weeping and in deep pain.

The Face of Deen is smiling because of his presence and his smile. May Allah grant our Maula Sydena Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS), so great, a long and prosperous life which would keep the world joyous, content and peaceful. AMEEN

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