Blogger cannot be relied on any longer

Blogger has a robot that is meant to fight spam, the robot is immature and most of the time genuine blogs and accounts are also blocked by google. Agreed that sblogs should be tackled with but until the automation tool that blogger uses is properly mature there should be some sort of human support available to all those who are in need or have been blocked by mistake.

I remember, ever since I started blogging I have never used any other tool then blogger and it did have some nice support until it was acquired by google. Where is the philosophy of Google in “Making this world a better place to live”. It took me days to get my blog back and many posts just seemed to have been vanished in the deep ocean of the web.

I then got the idea of retrieving my posts by using search engine cache and it was quite painstaking. Just when I had finished recovering the pages and posting some of those on my current word press installation, I got the news that my blogger blog was live again. Well, after being much acquainted with blogger and its tools its quite difficult to adjust to the new environment but I have no plans to go back to blogger and I just don’t think blogger can be relied on any longer.

If anyone of you are planning to quit blogger and have your own hosting space you can visit and select a hosting package. Comment on this post and I will be glad to offer you with a discount coupon. And if I like your blog I might even give you a discount of upto 75%. Do look for the Linux packages that have simple click through process of installing wordpress, a cool tool.