Avatar – The Human Being

Time and time wait for no one, not even those who have the power of pen which has been always thought to be superior over the sword. I wonder most of the time that does the saying have any sense in it, if it were so then humanity would have been saved from war throughout the history of mankind.

Thoughts are vague and hasty feelings that wave the human mind all the time but just as the waves disappear on shore most of these airy creatures vanish in the blues. Its easy for everyone to say that if you have a nice thought or idea just scribble it on your log book or notepad but then this is again as writing on the beach over the sand which gets washed away with another wave.

Did the writer of the Pandora Language in Avatar ever think her book would be of interest to humans. I wonder if people ever read your penned thoughts and get the full out of it any ways since the words penned are often thoughts reduced to writing.

If you have seen the movie and its a great one, which I think is not for the Pandora but its really for the Mother Earth. Nature nurtures every human soul apart from the gifts it gives to the body but does the human race understand its value. Just as the humans on Pandora wanted the immediate profits and materialistic gains that the planet had to offer so do we from the mother earth.

The movie’s script writer must be thinking of conveying the message about our savage nature towards mother nature in destroying every bit of it. If we are not to preserve the earth, the generations to come will hear the cry and witness the tears of a mother who has given birth to its very destroyer. It is not that the Pandora was living and every soul on it was tied to it, it is the mother earth that has the strength of integrity and the sense to understand and full fill the needs of its dwellers, but not their greed, and it has each soul attached to it like a closely knit blanket.

Lets not waste ourselves and understand the story beyond the Pandora Island and take on the Avatar of true humans and bring humanity to life. Lets all recycle and return what we use in decency to mother nature. Lets remember that waste is not a waste until its wasted.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS has established the Burhani Foundation for the preservation of nature and service towards the mother earth. It helps in planting trees and promoting greenery especially within communities. May Allah Subhanahu grant him a long life. Ameen

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