National Security and Patriotism

Every country is concerned about its national security and it is not only what holds its integrity but its very existence. In times of adversities and threats from fanatics, who hold no existence in themselves, in fact are like children creating their tantrums just to pursue world attention, should a nation look at every citizen with an eye of doubt and question their patriotism? The fanatics who are not humans in any kind are not only a threat to any nation in particular but to the entire mankind as they prey on humans for quenching their savage thirst of highly craved popularity and egoism. We cannot justify any nation undermining the basic rights and their stance of patriotism in light of national security threats posed by animals like these.
In fact any nation is in high need of securing the trust of its countrymen to ensure that these lunatics are kept a watch on.
No one can read the human mind but there are always ways to people’s hearts and also learn their authenticity.
The Indo-Pak issue can be solved by the citizens of both countries and not by talks of politicians who have always projected their concerns to each other on a different platform.
The Government of Pakistan should ask itself and understand that it is a target to the savages that pose a threat to mankind and its people are in need of security just as the human beings of India.
Having always looked at the Indo-Pak issue as an onlooker, I have always thought that do the majority of people in both countries really care about the Kashmir issue or not. I think a common man cares nothing but about his stomach and his family. Why so people call mother land, because it feeds you and cares for you, and that care results to love and patriotism.
Ask any person on Earth in his senses and he will curse the people who are making this world an insecure place and instead of peace of mind, soul and body; creating threats and panic. No one likes a life of this kind.
May Allah bless the Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) the “Ambassador of Peace” a long life whose duas have created secured nations for Mumineen worldwide and whose wishes are for all beings to live in harmony in this world. Ameen

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