Raigarh Ashara 1431

It was almost 3 hours before the Pehli Raat that I got the Taqleed Mubarak and it was very far off. RAIGARH in Chhattisgarh is 2 hours by train from Bilaspur. The nearest International Airport is Nagpur. Immediately after booking the ticket which had a 60+ waiting list I lost hope for a confirm ticket but I had to make it and travel was of 26 hours from Mumbai. I did manage to get through to RAC and the journey was quite easy. 15 families and a total of 72 Mumineen including children it was a very small place in terms of a moze but I had to do what I had to. A lot of things did need a close look and I think it must have been my fate to be there to resolve certain issues and matters.
Looking back at the last day of my visit I feel satisfied of the number of things that were accomplished in such a sort trip. Issues of Madrasa, afternoon niyaz which will be done by a family for now on for 3 years, Iftar during Shehrullah will be done by a Mumin for 3 years. I feel satisfied if all goes well. The rest is all just not to be remembered.
The sharaf of praying on the takht of Daiz Zaman on the day of Ashura by his raza is so enormous that one cannot account for it, may Allah fullfil our wishes to serve His Dai and grant him a long life. Ameen

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