Photography and Cameras

Photography is an art just like any other. A paint brush in the hands of a child does not create marvels and neither does a novice understand the true depth of a painting that might get sold for a 100K and might think it as a waste of money. Photography used to be a pretty expensive hobby and I remember my first camera at the age of 12 used to cost somewhere around a 4 MP digicam nowadays and the cost of its photo processing was far more than today’s so called children in the field would afford.
With cameras growing cheaper nowadays and the pixel rate of the digicam rising up to 15 Mp and even more it is not surprising that every other person today acts like a photographer. With the DSLR in fashion today and the ease at which any other person would afford it, the amateurs just pretend to be Pros.
Point to shoot and DSLRs, there are several places where you could easily find the differences of both and their pros and cons, google is your best friend I would say. The DSLR is not for fashion or for show biz its a real pro’s game tool and ammo. Some one said that most of the cat walkers on the ramp don’t even know what DSLR stands for!!!
I have seen people just shoot and keep shooting without focus or without any meaning. When one acts like a pro photographer one should choose before releasing the shutter. If, for example, one is trying to capture a majlis scene, you should take care of the proper poses and postures of all those who will be seen in the picture, not that someone is touching the bread or standing for raza or so on. Its the timing  in the entire pictures that matters not just the focus point of the picture. Also if you are not aware with handling the DSLR then you are sure to land into a bad situation.
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