Arab Times Ignorance

I am amazed by the ignorance of the editor of the Arab Times of Kuwait and also that of the writer of this Article Row over Bohra worship place – Court acquits 13 scribes in defamation suit Moamen. He should really shrug his prejudice and write the facts. The word “Temple” in the article has amazed me much. Has the writer really studied the text of the application for land and is it stated in it that it is for a temple.

The Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community is a peace loving and shariah abiding group of educated men and women who boast almost 100% literacy and are loyal citizens of the world. Assuming that the writer, Moamen, is an educated person he should understand that Muslims never use temples and therefore it does not make any sense that the Bohra Muslim community ever plan to build a temple.

As far as my knowledge goes the Bohra Leadership His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) has built more then 300 mosques (masjids) in the past 40 years, including the 4th largest masjid in the world al-Jamea al-Anwar in Qahera and one of the biggest, historical and oldest mosque, al-Masjid al-Azam in Kufa.

A Masjid in Israeli territory in Ashqelon, who has built it?

I believe that it is merely some kind of a prejudice that is prevailing in such kind of people, the author being one of them, wanting to spread rumors rather then the truth and hide the facts from the common man. Such an act is against the principles of journalism.

The Bohra Muslims, ask the Kuwaitis who have seen the adverse days of Saddam’s invasion, have been loyal to the nation during the adverse of times. During those days the Dawoodi Bohra Leadership had specifically instructed them to stay in Kuwait and support the country.

We forget the bounties of Allah when we have it in abundance and do not try to understand the truth and grasp the facts, rather we tend to hide it in fright of being found wrong, that is what’s happening to the media that print such kind of matter.

I have read several books that show an in depth hatred towards this sect of Islam and there is a just and logical answer to each lie in those books for those who want to open their eyes and look.

Its sad that in a Muslim country there is a controversy over a Masjid place and they blame hypocritically the west, whereas the Mulsim Ummah needs to come to its senses and abort it internal differences, keeping them aside and welcoming the commonness. I have much to say and write especially after my visit to the Holy Lands of Mecca and Madina for Hajj this year as I ponder in this. Inshallah.

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