Raudat Tahera

Here are some interesting facts about Raudat Tahera.
(Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Maula’s mausoleum)

1. The construction of the Mausoleum began on 10th of December,1968 and it was inaugurate in 1975. Prominent personalities, political leader including the then present the president of India Mr Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, religious scholars from around the muslim world, qaris of al-Quran al-Majid were invited on the grand occasion.

2. The marble for the construction of the Roza was quarried from exactly where the marble for the Taj Mahal was obtained – Makrana in Rajhastan, India.

3. The Mausoleum rests on 92 piles. The number 92 is significant in that it represents the numerical calculation of the name of the Holy Prophet “محمد” (SA) by the rules of Abjad in Arabic.

4. Around the burial place is 28 square feet grave. The number 28 indicates Syedna’s (RA) young age at which he became a Dai-al-Mutlaq.

5. The inner height of the mausoleum rises to 80 feet, depicting the age of Syedna (RA) when he left this world for Mala-e Ala.

6. The inner dimensions of the Roza (mausoleum) are 51 x 51 feet, symbolizing that Syedna Tahir Saifuddin was the 51st Dai al-Mutlaq in the office of Immam-u-Zaman.

7. What gives the Roza a unique place of honour is the inscription of the entire Holy Quran within the walls of the Roza. The writings were choosen by Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS from the golden handwritten Holy Quran from which His Holiness used to recite. It contained 772 pages and accordingly the complete Quran is inscribed in gold on 772 marble slabs 3×2 feet each and pasted in the inner walls of the Raudat. The entire Quran is engraved on the walls and adorned with gold and jewels.

8. All the Bismillah’s before the start of Surahs have been engraved and adorned with rubies, emaralds, Diamonds and Pearls.

9. The structural shell consists of a dome 40 feet in diametre and has an height of 52 feet. The dome is a replica of al-Jame al-Juyushi a prominent masjid of the Fatimi era and has the same mudawwar design in the interior as that of the masjid, with the names Mohammed and Ali, and a Quranic ayat.

10. The complete structure of Raudat Tahera weighs 5000 tons.

11. The 4 entrance doors to the Roza have been specially designed to match the entrance gate of al-Jamea al-Aqmar in Cairo built by Imam Al-Amir (1101-1130 A.D), the 20th Imam (AS). The entrances are adorned with four silver doors of Fatemi style and lead to the inner sanctuary of the Roza.

12. The Holy Quran inscription has been done in such a way that all the entrance doors to the Roza have a Bismillah coming.

13. All the 113 Bismillah in the Holy Quran inscribed on the walls are studded with precious stones, such as rubies and emeralds. The Surat al-Fatiha and Surat al-Ekhlas are studded with rubies.

14. Below the scripture of the Holy Quran the walls are the stanzas and verses quoted from the 49 Risalah sharifah and hundreds of qasidas and munajaat written by Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) which reflect the barakaat of wahye from the Quran and the ilm of Ale Mohammed (SA).

15. The outer walls of the Raudat Tahera a decorated with the names of Aimmat Tahereen and Duat Mutlaqeen in the Kufi script.

16. The chandeliers are especially made on order and each pendetive is engraved with the verse “لا يمسه الا المطهرون”.