Dreams Shattered, Life Battered

Many in the world live in the world of dreams, striving and toiling all day and night to see those dreams they see come true. Day dreamers even though they run after life they never seem to catch it and finally they realize they forgot to live.People with vision conquer the world but many die without crossing a mile of their lives. We motivate ourselves with stories of great men who turned the world upside down but forget to learn from the many who motivated by these people die in vain.

Friends turning foe and relatives throwing curses can shatter almost every mans dream. However, our life is nothing but a dream and one fine day all will wake up to realize what was correct and what was wrong. Is it wrong to trust a friend or is it wrong to save the trust instead of a personal gain.

Once the Times of India wrote that it is said that more then 90% of the Indian Population in major cities suffers from some kind of a mental disease. Why is that so? Shakespeare has well said that when troubles come they come not on single spies but in battalions. An average man lives upto 60 and in today’s world when a person reaches half this age and looks back at life he could clearly say that he forgot to live. There is no one who cares enough to hold you in your hands in a calamity. No one in this world can feel a person’s pain. No one can ever read a persons mind and thoughts. No one can ever step in another persons shoes. Still there are those who sit at height to counsel and have personal gains.

There is one godly figure my heart pounds and beats as we remember him. He is no God but so divine that he can never be separated from the creator. Rasulallah (SA) whom Allah sent as Rehmat and mercy on this land. And the rehmat still exists in his progeny and their Dai Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS). The Dawoodi Bohras seek his blessings and have overcome the greatest fo all troubles.

There comes a time when a troubled mind is led to submit to destruction and the more powerful the mind is the larger the destruction is caused. The power of an atomic bomb can be harnessed for peaceful causes but its destructive capacity is massive. The human mind is no different. A peaceful generator of energy can turn destructive when the circumstances are out of control. It does depend on how you deal with it.

The Quran has said that killing a single soul is equal to killing all people. What a brilliant statement and the worlds top so called mentors should know it. The society turns men into criminals by first killing their spirit and their soul. He who kills a soul kills the entire population. The consequences are so wide spread like an atom bomb that is rarely controllable. The destruction is so wide that all Friends and Family feel its heat.

Next time if you see a crime try to know its cause. Did you deprive someone of love and respect. If so each one of us is guilty. Today terror has become the height of discussion everywhere. The breading ground of terror is discrimination and nothing else. The rich discriminate the poor. The powerful discriminate the week. The rights of every person are being stampeded by the rights activists.

Dreaming is never bad but has been labeled unwise and the world following the labeled instructions shatters them to bits and pieces. Self centric persons are those who call others selfish in greed of having their share of respect and right to live. We never know which one of these are we.

Prayers are a Mumin’s weapon but what if the weapon has been lost in the wilds of Azkaban. Its up to those who are besides him to help selflessly. It never happens in this world of dreams but only in the dreams of men who dare. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

May Allah bless our beloved Maula (TUS) a long life. Ameen

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