Google’s Adsense

Web Publishing and Internet started as a passion in my past and now its a part time income provider. I like to read and write both, to be precise and thats what led me to the business of web hosting.

Today the hosting and publishing passion has turned into a part time income source. Adsense, I say is one of the best online income providers then any other ad sourcing companies I have ever run into over the many years of web hosting and publishing. It does not come in the way of your content nor design with bogus banners and stuff. It provides genuine ads that are relevant to your content which pulls the interest of the readership resulting in a genuine click through. Well off course a larger part of my web presence income is derived from the Web Hosting and development business which happens to run smoothly even though there are bad debts but hopefully it is profitable. I would recommend publishers to take advantage of the wonderful program of Google Adsense.

Advertising on the web has never been easy and more precise. The stats that you get are also wonderful and can help you in many ways. One way the stats have helped me is that I have created an educational blog which has content related to teaching and education. I created this blog in intention to donate the income derived from this blog to educational purposes. The adsense stats help me know the exact income derived from this blog so that I can use it for the good intent.